Website Info and Navigation

Firstly, thank you for spending time to visit my website, I truly hope that you find it worthwhile and feel free to contact me regarding its content or teachings.

The website is now holding a large amount of information and it is my intention to add to this on a frequent basis. With this in mind I feel it would be helpful to explain he layout of the website to help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

The Home page displays the basic information, class details, etc, as you would expect, plus information about insurance cover.

The next section, Personal Profile – explains more about me and my training background. It also contains a further section detailing my teaching style, which I feel is important to show.

The next section outlines what the Real Approach Concept is all about, this relate to reality training and self protection.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu page are headed by a brief piece about my opinion and reason for getting involved in BJJ. Within this section is a brief history of BJJ, an outline of my BJJ lineage and finally a BJJ video section with several categories – instructional clips, interviews, documentaries and inspirational stuff.

Affiliate Groups/Clubs & Grade Register is where you will find members of our training ‘family’ and their relevant details, as well as a grade register listing students graded by/through me.

The next section pays homage to some of My Instructors over my martial arts career to date.

The next page features the News which features snippets of relevant news and updates/announcements.

Next comes the Events section. This includes the Calendar and writes up from any seminars/sessions that I may have carried out.

The Reviews segment contains honest reviews about equipment, clothing or instructional pieces.

The Articles portion of the site contains literate pieces I have done over the years relating to self protection and BJJ.

Interviews contains a few that I have done, worth a read for sure.

The Galleries contain photos from seminars, etc.

The Video section is where you will find all the videos I have posted.   My BJJ Instructionals is where you will find all the videos clips I have filmed. They are organised by position order. This section is updated almost weekly.  The BJJ Video Section is where I have linked various BJJ related clips, documentaries or worthy videos.  Random Videos contains various videos that don’t strictly fall into any other the other video categories.  The Conditioning & Fitness section is where you can find videos on the subject.

To finish off tree is the Contact Details page – self explanatory.