Under Armour Compression Wear

UnderArmour logo

With the ever increasing choice in rashguard’s and compression fitness clothing choosing something suitable can be a difficult choice.  Many of the fight brands out there tend to go for the more ‘appealing’ graphic designs.  From bright colours to sinister looking designs there’s something to suit everyone.  For those who prefer the plain, simple and functional attire, then you cannot go wrong with the Under Armour brand.

I have several of this brands item and have been extremely impressed with it.  I possess two types of Under Armour – the ‘Heat Gear‘ and the ‘Cold Gear’ variations.  Both are excellent.  The Cold Gear is designed for the colder weather, helping retain heat whilst it wicks the moisture away from the body.  It also contains anti odour technology to combat odour causing microbes.  The Heat Gear operates in a similar way to the Cold variety by wicking away moisture for comfort, but the material helps to cool the body.  It also has the added bonus of possessing the UPF 30+ protecting the skin from the suns harmful rays.

Both variations are a made of 4 way stretch compression fit material, which aids muscle performance and give a functional level of support.  The cost of the top are very reasonable.  The Heat Gear ranges from £20 – £25, for the tops depending sleeve length, the shorts are approximately £20, whilst the leggings are around £25.  The Cold Gear products cost £35 – £45 for the long sleeved tops, the leggings £35 – £55 depending on which type.

I have purchased my Under Armour from various retailers, both in store and via the internet.  Whilst writing this piece I checked out the Under Armour official website and found their prices very reasonable – www.underarmour.co.uk – I certainly endorse the brand, with regards to the items I already own and will certainly buy this brand in the future.