The Real Approach Concept

The Real Approach Concept is focussed on the delivery of Reality based martial arts and Self Protection instruction.  Giving clear and precise knowledge of what attributes a solid Self Protection Strategy and associated topics is the principle aim.

There are two major parts that make up the Real Approach Concept, these being Self Protection and Support System.

The Self Protection section covers the fundamental elements of personal safety.  All the aspects that contribute towards a high level of awareness, a sound understanding of threat assessment and finally the ability to avoid danger are delivered.  This includes the psychological factors, emotional elements and moral issues that can impact upon suitable decision making.  Also addressed is the behaviour and body language often displayed during a confrontation, which will often have an impact on both the overall outcome and the decision making process.

The following text gives a brief breakdown on the main aspects related to Self Protection.



 Self Defense vs Self Protection

By definition, to defend yourself means to wait for someone to initiate the attack, therefore rendering your behaviour ‘reactive’.

To protect yourself requires ‘pro-active’ behaviour – to take appropriate measures to enable and ensure your personal safety.

Having a defensive mindset over a protective one will leave you a step behind your attacker/antagonist.  In more serious situations this is clearly a dangerous option.  There is also the risk that your aggressor will escalate the situation because they may feel your response insufficient to deter them in their pursuit of their chosen goal.

Self Protection is a strategy that promotes a high level of awareness, affording the luxury of being at least a step in front of a potential attacker, and taking appropriate measure to ensure personal safety.

The steps addressed within The Real Approach Concept will give you vital information in constructing your personal safety strategy and hopefully changing your outlook with regards to personal safety in a very positive way.



 What makes you a victim?

Victim selection is determined by the attacker.  It could be that you are in the wrong place at the right time, or it could be that you appeal to them in some way.

Very often, you will not be aware that you have been targeted until the attacker initiates the physical aspect of the engagement.  An attack actually begins the moment the antagonist thinks about it.

One of the key elements with victim selection is vulnerability.  The more vulnerable you are considered, the more likely the confrontation will take place.  Remember, in the majority of cases, the attacker wants little risk of being caught.  For more serious cases, some attackers will go to great lengths to manipulate the situation or environment to isolate you in some respect, in order to facilitate their objectives.

The perception that you give off needs to be confident, even if you do not feel that way you have to hide your fears and concerns.  If an attacker sees you are already intimidated or scared (giving the impression of vulnerability) then you will appeal to them more.  The appearance of confidence and ‘being switched on’ will often turn the potential attacker’s attention elsewhere.



Generally, an attack can take place virtually anywhere.  Assaults in the street, especially in the social environment of the pub and nightclub scene, are an all too common event.  Many of these types of attacks are alcohol induced, which is a major cause of personality changes.  Alarmingly, attacks even occur in the home – eg; aggravated burglary.

From a female perspective, there are three main categories relating to being attacked – PERSONAL, INCIDENTAL, SEXUAL.



When an attack is personal it is rare that the attacker would not be known to the victim.  The motives for a personal attack can range from the victim giving off the wrong ‘signal’ to the prospective attacker, through to the attacker feeling it is their ‘right’ to behave in an inappropriate manner (familiarity breeds contempt).


In basic terms, this means being in the wrong place at the wrong time!  Maybe through no fault of your own, you have become available to someone who seeks an opportunity to execute their desires (mugging, assault, rape).  This type of person may never actually commit an attack unless they are exposed to an ideal opportunity.


This may be a seemingly harmless attempt at ‘groping’ by someone or an attempt at sadistic rape.  At the more serious end of the scale, this type of attack is usually committed by a subject that has cultivated, often over years, their skills and desires (fantasy).  This individual is capable of going to great lengths to execute their crime.  Although the attack is of a sexual nature, the underlying truth is that it is all about control (and often humiliation) of their victim.  This can sometime represent issues towards women in general, or those with significant likeness to a specific person.

It is possible that an element of more than one of the above is involved in each category.