BJJ – Sweeps & Reversals

This section will incorporate sweeps and reversals from various situations and positions.

This first piece of footage illustrates some of the basic principles of sweeping an opponent, examining the use of bases and balance, before demonstrating those principles from the butterfly guard.

This next video was filmed 7th September, 2015 at Active Arts, Stafford. Further examining the butterfly guard and the use of the hook sweep.

This clip demonstrates some options from the butterfly guard.

This video demonstrates a way to obtain a butterfly hook, followed by a subsequent sweep.

This instructional clip demonstrates an option to neutralise your opponents ability to re-roll or escape your control following a successful hook sweep.

This instructional shows some variations from the hook sweep.

This sweep technique demonstrates the use of the Lasso.

This piece shows a lasso sweep variation from the previous clip.

This video demonstrates a sweep using a spider guard set up.