BJJ – Side Control

This section will deal with ‘side control’ position, including attaining it, control it and escaping it. As with all these instructional videos, I truly hope they give the viewer some valuable information that will ultimately provide some development with your training.

These first three clips were filmed at Active Arts, Stafford, on 17th August.

This video demonstrates a simple position reversal obtained by trapping your opponents knee with the near side arm.

This next instructional shows an option for achieving an opening to engage the near side arm in order to effect your opponents hip and positioning.

This clip shows how to create a reaction/over-commitment in order to capitalize upon an opening to attain a position change.

This video shows a way to remove your opponents elbow to reduce their options for escaping the position.

This next clip further examines the principles of removing your opponents elbow and securing top position.

This instalment looks at dealing with your opponents arm when they are trying to shield in an attempt recover a better position.

This instructional piece addresses a way of dealing with the butterfly guard, passing the legs and securing side control.

This next clip demonstrates a lapel choke.

The next video demonstrate using your opponents Gi lapel to tie their arm off with a couple of options from that.

This clip shows a few options using the opponents lapel to create control, transitions and submissions.

This next video recaps some of the fundamentals, before demonstrating how to get better arm position from underneath.

This instructional shows how to escape a tight top control.

This clip shows a simple reversal when your opponent hasn’t secured their position correctly.

This footage shows how to gain a hook/X Guard position and utilise it to achieve a sweep.

This clip shows a position reversal to a shoulder lock submission.

This video demonstrates an alternative reversal to secure a shoulder lock submission.

This next instructional shows an ‘elbow ride’ reversal to top position.

The next video demonstrates setting up a step over arm bar submission.

This clip shows a transition to mount using elbow control and a control grip of your opponents leg.

This video demonstrates an alternate transition when your opponent avoide your initial leg grip.

This video clip demonstrates a way to create a reaction from your opponent to open up a tight side control.

This next piece demonstrates a simple position reversal.

The next instructional video shows an option to open up your opponent and reverse the situation.

The next video demonstrates a few options of dealing with ‘knee on belly’.

This clip focuses on maintaining the side control position and a way to transition to the mount position.

This instructional video looks more closely at attaining mount from the side control, then how to gather your opponents arm in order to set up the arm bar submission.