SCRAMBLE – Sengoku Kimono

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After already owning 2 other Scramble Gi’s and being thoroughly impressed, I was excited when I learnt that a new premier level kimono was to be released by Scramble – The Sengoku Kimono.

sengoku front backAlthough the delivery to Scramble was delayed, the wait was definitely worth while.  The quality, fit and styling of this gi is as good as I’ve witnessed, making it great value for money – even with the £129.99 price tag.  There are many more expensive gi’s available, but I am yet to find one that surpasses this Scramble product.

The fit of this BJJ Gi is slightly more roomy compared to recent gi design, including the Scramble Athlete Gi.  It still possesses a fitted feel, but doesn’t contain any restrictive movement to it (this will obviously depend on the individuals gi sizing).  With subtle design, the grey stitching contrasts nicely.  That added to the embroidery and strategically placed patches makes for a very nice overall appearance.sengoku trousers

The jacket contains a built in rash guard with a excellent traditional Japanese theme.  This rash guard works very well and certainly does not hinder its wearability whilst training.  The cuffs and collar is very well reinforced and adequately proportioned.  The trousers are very comfortable and, as with the jacket, are subtly designed.  The cord belt loops are well placed allowing for the trousers to hold in place even when training vigorously.

To sum up, Scramble have produced, in my humble opinion, one of the best Gi’s available to date.  As I have already stated, the customer service from Scramble is first rate, so purchasing from them is easy and smoothly done.  If you’re looking for top quality, you need look no further.

sengoku jacket 1sengoku jacket 2