Random Videos

This section will host various videos that aren’t strictly in any of the existing categories.

These videos will include Inspirational stuff, MMA clips, etc….

As some of you guys may know, I really enjoy bouldering (climbing). It’s an incredible workout with many similar qualities and skills that are used in BJJ evident when dealing with the many ‘difficulties’ that are faced when climbing. That aside, this next clip shows one of life incredible figures. Alex Honnold is legendary in the climbing world, but his skill and abilities are undeniably nothing sort of amazing.

This clip is of a new series featuring UFC President Dana White as he visits some of the smaller shows looking for new, upcoming talent.

This highlight video is of a man I personally feel to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time – Fedora Emelianenko.

Another Fedor clip, this time showing his incredible power on a sports science programme – very interesting.

This next video shows highlights of another top flight MMA fighter, Wanderlei Silva.

While on the subject of top level fighters, I couldn’t forget Mike Tyson.

A highlight reel of Jose Aldo

A recent video about Fedor’s comeback fight on New Year’s eve 2015 in Japan.

Episode 1 of Looking for a Fight.

Episode 2 of Looking for a Fight.

Episode 3 of Looking for a Fight.

Episode 4 of Looking for a Fight.

Episode 5 of Looking for a Fight.