Modern Day Predator

Attacks fall initially into four category types. Firstly,’financial’, or the gains of such, mugging being the primary class. Then there is ‘sexual’. Sex attacks covering a broad scope from harassment through to rape. The next is ‘entertainment’. Unsolicited assaults and bullying dominate this category. This is particularly frustrating (for the victim) because of it’s totally unfounded motives. Finally there is ‘personal’. This category may incorporate elements of the previous ones, but involve some close connection, possibly with some kind of private vendetta. With all these categories of attack, the antagonist may increase the intensity by the use of a weapon of some sort. For example, a mugger brandishing a knife is a far more intimidating prospect than one who is unarmed, although that, for most people, is bad enough. The addition of a ‘persuader’ gives the antagonist a forceful bargaining tool, one which they will use to exploit the situation to it’s full potential. The risk factor is increased even further with a confrontation involving multiple armed assailants.

A skilled Predator is an expert at manipulation. They will control the dialogue with devious precision, casting doubt on your intuitive thoughts (more about that in a future article). They will maybe imply familiarity to weaken any reserve you may have. Another tactic is to dominate the situation, not taking ‘no’ for an answer (this is particularly common with sex offenders). Brain engagement is constructive in reducing the mental guard, allowing a window of opportunity from which the attacker can initiate their assault with exaggerated effect. It is usually during this stage in a confrontation that the fight is lost as far as the victim is concerned.

Some individuals will go to extreme lengths to achieve their aims. They may often spend hours seeking out an appropriate target (especially with muggings and sexual assaults). The attack may be aborted right up until the point of initiation, if the circumstances become unfavourable in any way. Very rarely will you find an incident where the antagonist is unconcerned of being caught or witnessed in the act. The level of callousness displayed and the degree of viciousness executed can, and often is, sickening. A great percentage of attacks are carried out with merciless intent. A blatant disregard for their victim means the attacker goes further than is necessary to attain their objective.

The priming strategy that an attacker employs is both simple and effective, yet until a person becomes familiar with it’s applications, it is near on impossible to evade. I would say that 95% of all attacks of any nature involve the engaging use of ‘dialogue’, whether it is outright aggressive or being deceitfully disarming. It is the equivalent of the leopard keeping down wind and stalking on it’s belly. The human predator will engage in some sort of conversation to allow them to close distance, engage the brain and de-activate the mental guard. This does away with ‘the chase’ and affords maximum impetus on attack. Too many times people are taken by surprise purely because they do not understand priming rituals.

The predator of today is a devious, malicious and loathsome creature. One which will always thrive on the abundant supply of unsuspecting victims. There is little chance that society will ever be free of this vermin. As Geoff Thompson says, “all the animals have escaped from the zoo and are wearing human costumes”.

Beware of the predator or you may become just another statistic.

Written by Dave Briggs.