Modern Day Predator

June 1998

Unlike the animal kingdom, where Predators like the Lion or the Wolf are notorious and easily identifiable, the Predators who threaten the everyday person’s well being is disguised by a ‘normal’ appearance. This shroud of normality conceals the sinister creature within. In the human world the predatory scum that is ever present in our society walk’s our streets, constantly on the lookout for easy targets. These despicable individuals appear no different to you or I, but because of their ‘disguise’ they are able to remain anonymous until an appropriate victim becomes available. Much in the same way a Leopard stalks it’s prey, by noting it’s surroundings, singling out a weak looking target, then approaching with stealth then attacking with vigour. Our human equivalent also has a carefully calculated strategy. Firstly, it will choose it’s hunting ground appropriately, usually endeavouring to ensure little chance of detection. It’s approach will be deceitful, the aim being to close in to a distance that is ideal to attack from. Once the attack has been initiated it is usually fast and ferocious, executed with chilling, merciless intent.

A victim is chosen because, usually speaking, they appear non-threatening. This can be a result of an apparent nervous demeanour, being of small stature or being disadvantaged in some way. Occasionally the target is singled out as a consequence of a previous encounter, with the attacker possessing some type of motive. With regard to Muggings, Racial attacks, and in some cases Sexual assaults, a victim is selected primarily on appearance. That is not to necessarily say that in the case of a mugging that you must appear to be wealthy, merely an easy target. Occasionally, people are robbed for their possessions, like the training shoes on their feet or the designer jacket on their back. Some Predators are so callous that they will mug anyone, regardless of the possible bounty they hold. It’s not unheard of for someone to be robbed for what amounts to a few pounds.

With the subject of sexually motivated attacks it may just be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An error in your awareness procedure will be largely to blame in those circumstances. Being selected and then ‘stalked’ until an appropriate location is reached for the attack to take place is another tactic employed. This type of assault is totally pre-meditated, usually constructed by a determined and dangerous individual. A considerable number of sex attacks are executed by a person who is known to the victim, as is the case with regard to ‘date rape’. This class of attacker is one of a particularly devious nature, utilising their friendship to lull their victim into a false sense of security.

Probably the most common type of attack are those of the unprovoked variety. In most of these cases the aggressor will attempt to justify their action with the aid of a lame excuse. This type of Predator operates, mainly, with the motivation of feeling superior and more powerful than their chosen victims. Their ego is fed by the suffering of what, in their eyes, amounts to a ‘lesser mortal’. These people are nothing more than extreme bullies. As can occur with the previous two categories, the Predator may operate solo or with accomplices, in a pack, so to speak. When facing multiple attackers, it goes without saying that you are at a much greater risk if/when it becomes a physical engagement. I consider unprovoked attacks to be slightly more dangerous than any other, with the exception of premeditated murder. In these circumstances you usually find that a number of the aggressive participants compete for supremacy, wanting to stand out from the others. The viciousness of the attack escalates as they feed from each others frenzied behaviour as the ‘excitement of the kill’ drives them. Many people have been kicked to death as the result of a group attack of this manner. It may not have been any individual intention to kill, but because the attack becomes frantic, rational behaviour is lost once the ‘pack instinct’ takes over. In the majority of muggings or sexual attacks, some sort of strategy has been thought out before hand (although it is possible for things to go wrong and result in a fatality) and the offender will attempt to follow it, keeping things as straight forward as possible. The types of people I’m describing are not exactly well units, but they are not what I would call psychopaths (not completely anyway).