Geoff Thompson


Potential frightens me, but it excites me as well. I’m not talking about my potential, I’m talking about everybody’s potential, everybody’s potential to be what they want to be is huge, its massive, but people don’t realise it because they are frightened of it. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people I’ve known who have suddenly pulled away at the last minute because they realise that they can have it and the thought of having frightens them. Where they are is comfortable, they are in a comfort zone, what I say is, we are all in comfort zones, smash your comfort zones to pieces, get a hammer out and smash it and become bigger and that will become a comfort zone, then smash that to pieces, then it will become bigger again. Ultimately there will be no comfort zone that will be changing, it will be a universal thing. Look at these people who fly to the moon, these people that climb to the top of Everest, you can’t tell me that they look at the world the same as us, because they don’t, its a completely different world. If you climb to the top of Everest and you come back down again, you look at everything in a totally different light because your world has changed. You’ve achieved, the people that come back from flying to the moon, most of them become recluses, most of them become completely different people because their perception of the world has changed. One minute they are earth bound, the next they are looking at their planet like a soccer ball from space. I mean how is that going to change your perception? But that change of perception, the potential to do that, is in all of us. People think that it isn’t possible, but it is and you have to believe it you have to change your influences and change the people around you until they all believe it too. You have to be around people that say ‘you can do this’. If you can’t see further, then stand on the shoulders of giants so that you can see further. If you are around good people, they’ll say ‘not only have I done this, but you can also do this, because I’m the same as you. People look at what I’ve done within the martial arts and the qualifications and they think that there is so much there its a life and I say don’t look at me, look at somebody like Dan Innosanto, he makes my qualifications look meagre, he’s an incredible man. His work ethic is incredible. People think that I’m good at certain things, they think that my writing is good, if you look at someone like Jim Cartwright, he blows you off your seat with his work. He puts words together in such a way that they just awe you, and that’s what I want to do with my work and I’m around people who are saying ‘you can do this’. I love watching people like Billy Connolly on the television, because he’s saying to the kids ‘you can do this’. And Michael Parkinson replies’ Yes, but not without talent’. To which Billy replies that he didn’t have talent. He was a welder, he just had a spark, we’ve all got a spark, and what he did with this spark was to turn it into a huge flame. There isn’t many people who don’t know who Billy Connolly is. What I love about him is that he’s saying that anyone can do this, and he’s saying it because he knows we can do it. He knows that we are no different to him, he knows he’s ordinary, but he’s developed his talent to a supreme level. He knows that anyone has got that in them if they can develop it.

I bumped into ‘Wolf’, from the Gladiators, he’s a lovely bloke, and I said to him that I was really impressed with what he’d done and that I really admired him. He said, ‘well Geoff, you know, I’m just an ordinary guy’. And I said, ‘I know you are’. And he looked at me gone out. I said, ‘that’s what I like about you. You’re an ordinary guy but you’ve gone and done it’. Which means other ordinary guys can do it. We’re all ordinary, but we are all brilliant, we’re all special and unique, but there’s only one of us walking round the planet, only one single version of us, there’s only one person looking through our eyes. So if he can do it and Chuck Norris can do it and Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, I can do it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, again, I read his autobiography, and I have made thousands of pounds by investing in a five pound book, because he inspired me to go on a book signing tour were I made a lot of money. I also met a lot of people and touched a lot of people. What he did was took a book on fitness, and this was before he was well known, and fitness books don’t very often go to number one. But what he did was to go to every single state in America and literally sold it himself and it made to number one in New York and that’s because he wanted it to be number one. He put the effort in, he made it happen, it’s incredible. So you can do it. It’s just how much time and how much belief you’ve got. If you’ve got faith in a grain of sand, then you can say unto this mountain move and it will move, that is taken from the bible.

Dave Briggs: I’d just like to thank you Geoff, for not only this interview, but also for the inspiration you have given myself, and many like me, to push out their personal boundaries and begin achieving real ambitions in life, thank you very much.

Geoff Thompson: I’d just like to thank everyone out there that has allowed me to indulge myself and everything that everyone has given back to me as well, thank you.