One of the issues we all face at some time or other, especially during the early part of any pastime, is what brand of equipment do you go with.  With regards to martial arts, in particular BJJ, the investment in a gi, for example, is a significant commitment to make considering you will be using it continuously, so quality, fit and durability are critical factors.  During the early days of my BJJ training there wasn’t a great selection to choose from and those that were about were not easy to get hold of.  With the explosion of BJJ globally there is now a massive choice of brands, colours, styles, weaves, etc…..  Basically it has gone from a slim choice to a minefield of possibilities.

The purpose of this section is to allow people to give their personal recommendations or criticisms of equipment or clothing (Gi’s, rashguard’s etc), DVDs, magazines, etc. Basically, anything martial arts concerned that they have had personal experience of.  I invite anyone reading this section to email any appropriate information, comments or personal opinions they have.  It would be good to mention any specifics (e.g. brand; the edition or name of product; colour; size or what items of that brand you have), their reason for choosing that particular item(s), the cost, where the purchase was made, whether it was brand new or second hand, how long they have had it and finally what the like or dislike about it.  I will give the contributor the credit for any reviews sent.


I hope this section builds of the coming months and serves to help the readers of it narrow there choices.