Conditioning & Fitness Videos

This section will host a selection of fitness and conditioning videos which are either demonstrating general elements to help give variations of exercise, or some specific routines.  Hopefully you will find them interesting or inspiring – enjoy.

Starting with a nice selection of bodyweight exercises, some with, some without equipment.

A nice selection of exercises – some of which I’ve never seen before (which is always a bonus).

This is a clip of a guy called Frank Medrano, his core strength is nothing short of a amazing.

This clip features a gentleman by the name of Paul Chek. I was first made aware of Paul Chek via my Chiropractor, who had attended a couple of his seminars. Paul focuses on functional training and is an extremely sought after authority on the subject. Bear in mind when you watch this video that he is about 50 years old at the time of filming.

This video is of Joe Rogan discussing Carlos Condit’s MovNat training. Very interesting stuff that is all based around functional movement, which I have felt for a long time is the way to go as opposed to resistance training.

The previous clip reminded me of some exercise footage I saw many years ago, called Gymnastica Natural.

Another Gymnastica Natural video from the founder, Alvaro Romano.