Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

DSCF2135 resizedI have been an avid supporter of combining martial arts from different styles and systems for a long time.  Since being introduce to the Grappling arts I have dedicated much time and effort to gain a greater understanding of this area of combative training.

I personally feel that, speaking from a support system perspective, the grappling element of training is a complex area.  From a personal perspective, I have always thoroughly enjoyed the grapping arts. I find the endless possibilities ad the options that are constantly presented or made available fascinating.  I have utmost respect for all the grappling arts, in particular  Judo (due to my influences and contact with Jamie and Steve).  I originally got involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu after the opportunity to train with Mauricio Gomes and then Renzo Gracie.  I quickly saw that this was a very progressive and evolving martial art, and that intrigued me, even now, as a Black Belt, I am as enthusiastic about my grappling now, if not more so.  The continual evolution within BJJ is now very clear to me.  The options that can appear, just from altering a grip, or a placement of weight, continue to inspire me.