BJJ – Mount Position

These first 2 clips were filmed on 13th April 2015 at my class at Active Arts in Stafford.

The next 3 clips were filmed on 20th April 2015 at my BJJ class at Active Arts in Stafford.

These next 4 clips were filmed 27 April, 2015 at Active Arts class in Stafford.

This next video demonstrates some options of disrupting your opponents attempt at taking mount.

This video shows a couple of ways of regaining a guard situation when your opponent has managed to step over in their attempt to gain mount.

The next instructional displays options on how to deal with full mount.

These next 2 videos demonstrates some principles to control and maintain mount position.

This clip demonstrates a basic arm bar from the top position.

This instructional shows a couple of options from the mount – shoulder lock & mounted triangle.

This video demonstrates securing the arm bar from mount.

This clip shows a triangle option from an arm bar attempt from mount.

This next piece shows options to deal with strong grips when attempting the arm bar.

This video clip demonstrates an escape using the knee bump and hip escape.

This next piece shows how to stay tight when your opponent attempts a back take from mount.

In this clip we look at a choke from mount.

Next video demonstrates a way to take the mount position from side control avoiding half guard.

This next video shows an option to retrieve a dominant half guard from the bottom position.

The next instructional look at attaining a position reversal when mounted.

This next piece demos a mount reversal and how to avoid ending up in your opponents mount.