BJJ – Half Guard position

This category of the instructional section is dedicated to the half guard.

The first three videos were filmed 13th July, 2015 at Active Arts, Stafford.

This first clip demonstrates a bit of a ‘cheeky’ sweep when your opponent attempts to wrap your underhook.

This video shows a hook (half butterfly) sweep variation from the bottom position.

This next piece explores the use of a ‘pressure pass’ from the top position.

This video demonstrates a ‘dive under’ reversal.

This next clip shows a hook sweep, demonstrating a way to neutralise a counter reversal from your opponent.

This video demonstrates a reversal from deep half guard.

This clip shows an optional reversal using the same set up from the previous video.

This video deals with a back take from the ‘bottom’ half guard position.

The next 3 instructional videos demonstrate a deep half guard sweep using a butterfly hook and control of your opponents arm.

This clip shows a reversal option from the 3 videos when your opponents resists your leg control.

This instructional demonstrates a way to achieve the deep half guard position.

This next video shows a progression from the previous clip, escaping the half guard from underneath using a ‘knee bump’, controlling your opponent, then taking back.

This piece demonstrates a half guard escape from the top, utilising a leg grip on your opponents leg to minimize the counter options.

This clip demonstrates using structure to enable the underhook.

This next piece shows a way to attain the back and subsequent triangle submission.

This video shows a rolling arm bar, setting up from the half guard position.

This instructional clip shows details to enable the underhook from bottom position.

This video shows 2 stages. Firstly how to use a ‘knee bump’, then how to achieve a head and arm submission from the bottom position.

This instructional shows a simple way to regain the full guard.

This video shows how to secure your opponents leg from the top position and then how to deal with your opponent’s leg shield.

This piece demonstrates he ‘high pressure’ pass.