BJJ – Closed Guard Position

This section of the instructional video deals with closed guard and transitions from closed guard.

This first clip explains some of the basic element regarding closed guard and how to open your guard with risking too much opportunity for your opponent to escape your control.

This video looks at establishing a high guard effectively.

This video elaborates upon the high guard and shows some options from it – reversals and a couple of submission opportunities.

This clip demonstrates breaking the grip and securing the half butterfly position, leading to a sweep reversal. The next 4 videos were filmed at Active Arts 22 June 2015

This video shows an option for obtaining the half butterfly from closed guard and executing a hook sweep.

This clip demonstrates a hook sweep option and reversal to mount position.

This video shows various sweep/reversal options from closed guard.

The next 3 videos were filmed at Active Arts 29 June 2015. This clip demonstrates an option to break the closed guard.

This video recaps breaking the guard and progresses onto occupying the guard and starting to pass.

This instructional footage goes over the previous 2 clips points and demonstrates a ‘pressure pass’.

This clip demonstrates some principles relating to the Omplata.

This video demonstrates using the Omoplata as a sweep option.

This instructional piece looks further at the previous sweep and focuses on the mounted triangle set up and execution.

This clip takes a close look at the principles of breaking guard.

This next video demonstrates passing guard, using a ‘pressure pass’ and then controlling the position.

The next instructional video demonstrates another ‘pressure pass’ option, also an option for dealing with the Z guard.

This piece looks at a the use of double underhooks to your opponents legs to pass their guard.

The next clip demonstrates a submission taught to me by Mauricio Gomes, which I nicknamed ‘the man in a suitcase’ – enjoy.

In this next video I show a way of dealing with the double leg underhooks.

This next video demonstrates a shoulder lock from attaining the high guard position.

This instructional shows a progression from the previous clip, taking an arm bar from the triangle attempt.

This next video shows a further progression from your opponents defence of the arm bar attempt.

This next video demonstrates a straight arm bar option and subsequent triangle attack when your opponent defends.