BJJ – Butterfly Guard

This portion of the My Instructional Section looks at the ‘Butterfly Guard’ position.

This clip shows how to control your opponents posture and then control their legs to pass guard.

This video shows a basic hook sweep from butterfly guard.

This next piece demonstrates a sweep option from butterfly guard to take back control.

This clip demonstrates a couple of back take options from a butterfly guard sweep.

This video illustrates how to use a redirect to enable a hook sweep.

This instructional demonstrates how to transition to X-Guard and sweep.

This video demonstrates some principles required to elevate your opponent.

This next clip shows a butterfly to X guard to back take.

This piece demonstrates a butterfly to lasso sweep, leading to an arm bar or triangle submission options.

This video examines the structure, timing and positioning to achieve an efficient snatch and lift.

This instructional demonstrates the use of a an ‘X-Grip’ for sweeps.

This clip displays some sweep options using the ‘X-Grip’.

This video shows a Side pass option.

We next look at a compression pass for butterfly.

This piece shows a compression pass to mount.

This video explains the use of 2 direction to achieve a reversal.

This piece looks at dealing with a tight top control.

This next clip shows an option of turning your opponent over by directing the head.

This instructional video demonstrates how to gain X-guard and a reversal from butterfly.