BJJ – Back Position

Filmed 11 May, 2015 at Active Arts, Stafford.  The first 2 clip discuss options for setting up taking the back.

Filmed at Active Arts, Stafford on 11 May, 2015.  This next video demonstrates a back take from side control.

Filmed 18 May, 2015 at Active Arts, Stafford.  These next 3 videos look at options of obtaining control and taking the back when your opponent is in turtle position.

Filmed 18 May, 2015 at Active Arts, Stafford.  This next clip shows an option of taking the back from bottom position of half guard.

These next 2 videos explain some of the principles of escaping back position. The second clip also demonstrates a way to encourage your opponent to attck for the choke to your chosen side.  Filmed 25 May at Active Arts, Stafford.

This next clip demonstrates a back escape utilising leg control and hip movement to secure the escape.

This clip shows ways of re-instating the back control when someone attempts to escape the position.

The following video demonstrates some choke variations from the back. Filmed at Active Arts on 1st June 2015.

This next video demonstrates how to obtain the first hook for back control.

This instructional piece expands on the previous clip demonstrating the bow and arrow choke and a triangle from the back.

This video demonstrates a way of encouraging your opponent to turn and expose their back.

This clip shows a different entry to taking a ‘Hanging Choke’.

This clip shows a Bow & Arrow Choke variation.

This footage covers how to disengage your opponents legs when they have their leg hooks in.

This next instructional shows further information to escape your opponents leg hooks.

This clip demonstrates a ‘hip escape’ back escape.

This piece demonstrates an arm bar from the back.

This next instructional takes a closer look at some of the details required for the bow & arrow choke.

This video shows some choke options and a triangle submission from the back.

This video demonstrates some of the finer details of escaping the back position.

This piece follows on from the previous, detailing the importance of dealing with upper body events and recognising hip movement.